Tony, our founder, gave 18 years of his time making sure that in Person and now Online classes would prevail and florish, which they did, but before that he had a similar go in Photography working as freelancer but also as pro trainer in the Photo retail environment where he changed things for good. He now also share his photos with us as reference to our future drawings and paintings. This idea came from one or two of this Network members...

He wouldn't obviously give away thousands of his images so instead he shares them with people serious about their Art, Painting, Illustration, Advertising, Press, etc..., as long as they at least become full members.

The more you invest and Donate the more access you can have not just on Photos but also on Video Recordings which are mainly guided Life Drawing classes.

If you like a photo or two and would like to use them in full screen, you will need to go to our Prices page and take on a Membership. If you are interested in images you'll also get Video recordings and everything else included and same for those more interested in Recordings. those Full members have access to 2 images/month for an unlimited amount of time as long as they do not share them with anyone, anywhere and for as long as they continue being full members.

Some of those photos here are also from Image libraries because we think you might like them and are Copyright Free as well as photographer friends who'd also hope to get some donations for their Art. They'll have Patreon groups here and on other platforms in case you need to get in touch with them for their skills and services... Their names maybe changed, shortened, or without surnames to actively help protect them against spam and scam.

If you also have photos/images you'd like to share and benefit from or even pictures to be taken, please PM us at eukart at